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We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Corian work surfaces with showrooms and fitting teams based all over the country. We supply and install Corian to all areas of Cardiff, and throughout the UK.



Corian Installations In Cardiff

Corian is a substance that is made from acrylic powder and aluminium tihydrate, these two are blended to form a strong, and durable substance. Corian can be used in a number of places and for a number of functions. It can be used in furniture and furnishings; it can be used in architectural designs, in cafeterias, on wall surfaces. In any working surface, hygiene is an important feature and Corian worktops are able to offer maximum cleanliness. They can be used in kitchens, hospitals and laboratories. UK worktops direct can provide these worktops in areas around the UK.



At home they can be used in the kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Corian worktops are known for their aesthetic value. They are as beautiful as they are functional. They are certified for food contact band can be used to handle food. They ae non-porous and do not stain to the surface. They are easy to clean. If the surface is cleaned regularly, the Corian resists growth of moulds and other harmful bacteria. They have a variety of colours such as White with options such as glacier, jasmine and venaro, Savannah, Grey, Aztec Gold, Canyon, Vanilla, Silver Birch and Sandstone. It can also be used in educational environments such as laboratories. The Corian worktops are made to withstand busy working environments.

Corian worktops are flexible and versatile; they are stain resistant and long lasting. The colours can be renewed and the surfaces can be restored when the need arises. The surfaces are warm and inviting with the sparkle and the shine of the surface being maintained with proper care. They are safe because they are environment friendly and are low emitting materials. It can be used together with other materials for better finishes and designing blends.

They are easy to maintain, needing a wipe off from a clean and damp cloth. Taking care of Corian worktops is important for their durability. One should never chop food on the Corian worktop surface as it will be scratched by the knife’s blade, In addition to damaging your knife. Always use a wooden chopping board when chopping food. You should never place hot utensils on the surface. You should immediately wipe spills so that the surface does not appear dull, you do not want it to lose its beauty and lustre. Do not use harsh chemicals near or on it and you should never leave the Corian worktop wet, dry it after use. Corian worktops are available in most places around the globe, the United Kingdom and Cardiff in particular has not been left out.

Corian worktops Cardiff are available in the United Kingdom to offer Corian products and services. At UK worktops direct, there are a variety of products to choose from and all your needs can be met. Corian worktops are made with sustainability in mind, they may come at a cost but for its variety of uses, for its dichotomy of purposes in various places, it has been made to last. Corian worktops Cardiff will make this valuable commodity available to residents of Cardiff and the surrounding areas.