Corian Worktops Leicester

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Corian work surfaces with showrooms and fitting teams based all over the country. We supply and install Corian to all areas of Leicester, and throughout the UK.



Corian Installation Leicester

Corian worktops are solid surfaces that are very durable. They come in a number of colours and the worktops can also be made customary based on the customer’s needs. Corian worktops in Leicester can be done on many different types of surfaces. The surfaces that are popular that many customers have had this work done are kitchen worktops, bar tops, reception desks, bathroom vanity units, bath surrounds, fire surrounds, food serving counters, wall cladding, and work surfaces. Those would include schools, doctor’s offices and dental offices. All of the Solid Surface worktops done by UK Worktops Direct include a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. In Leicester, UK Worktops Direct works hard to maintain their customer’s happiness and satisfaction. 


The Corian worktops of Leicester come in a number of colours. UK Worktops Direct gives you a variety of colours to present the buyer with a variety of choices to help find the colour that best suits the customer’s needs. A wide range of colours are offered to the buyer to choose the colour that best suits the buyer’s situation. Usually architects and interior designers choose Corian colours because of its vibrant beauty. It catches the eyes easily which makes it very attractive. Some colours that are available are: Abalone, Absolute Beige, Antarctica, Aqua, Arctic Ice, Arrowroot, Aurora, Aztec Gold, and Beige Fieldstone. Those are just the first nine listed, there are so many more to choose from. Each of the Corian colours has a unique look to them.


Maintaining Corian

Maintaining Corian workshop tops in Leicester is done with care. When you are chopping up vegetables you want to make sure you don’t use the workshop top as a cutting board. If you don’t use a cutting board it can leave cuts and scratches on the Corian surface. UK Worktops Direct has modern and traditional style worktops that are fitted to fit every buyer’s needs. When looking at all the different options and styles available you get a better idea of what to expect. If you need more assistance you can look at the website for free samples of Corian worktops. This method will help give you an idea of what you want as a buyer. You can contact UK Worktops Direct by calling their work number, emailing them, or visiting their site. They offer a variety of ways to help you choose the type of Corian worktop you need. They are dedicated to keeping their customers satisfied. They also supply and install to all areas of the UK.


Leicester Information

A little about the city Leicester is that it is in the East Midlands of England. It is a city with 509,000 people living in it. It is the eleventh largest urban area and is the second largest urban are in East Midlands region. Leicester has the largest economy in the East Midlands and is estimated to be worth £15.3 billion. Engineering is an important part of the economy here and many companies including Jones & Shipman, Richards Engineering, Transmon Engineering, and Trelleborg. All of these are different companies that reside in Leicester and thrive there. They all handle different equipment and machinery. Leister is a city that has been built on strong roots and origins.