Corian Worktops Swansea

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Corian work surfaces with showrooms and fitting teams based all over the country. We supply and install Corian to all areas of Swansea, and throughout the UK.



Corian Installation Swansea

Corian is basically a brand name for solid surfacing material that’s created by DuPont. These materials are nonporous & stain resistant unlike most natural stone surfaces. This surface doesn’t require any type of special sealing. Corian is a certified kosher because of its ability to-be effectively cleaned. With good cleaning it will resists mildew, mould & bacteria growth. Most common application-of Corian is in bathrooms, kitchens and bars. It’s also available in many different colours & patterns. Corian is also used for worktops & work surfaces in laboratories, schools, hospitals, dentist’s & doctor’s surgeries.


As with most worktop-materials there are some basic rules which need to be followed so as to ensure that the worktop lasts long. One of the most-important things is avoiding placing a hot pan straight-off the cooker onto the surface. Though it’s resistant to heat from the hob, placing hot pans onto the surface can cause damage, thus its best you always use a heat pad or a trivet.

How to Maintain Corian Worktops

Avoid cutting or chopping vegetables or foods directly-on the surface. It’s possible you’ll cause scratches and cuts, though there’s a simple remedy in case this occurs. If the surface gets scratched it may be renewed without a problem because the colour of the Corian is just the same all through its’ entire thickness. Clean the area using clean-water but don’t dry it. Take a scourer that’s similar to a Scotch brite pad & rub lightly back-and-forwards, changing through 90-degrees often. Do not press way too hard as it may cause more scratches.

Rinse your scourer frequently so as to remove build-up of materials. When the scratches have been removed it’s possible the surface will look-slightly different from the rest of the surrounding area. In case this happens, sand lightly over a much larger area so as to blend-in the colours.

Don’t drop anything onto the surface of the Corian, especially any heavy objects like cast iron cookware. Wipe off any splashes or spills as soon as they’re seen. UK Worktops Direct recommends you wipe off any water spills/splashes using a kitchen paper & dry the surface using more paper or a tea towel. In case you ever get a film-on the surface of your Corian, there’s a cleaner by the name “Lime-A-Way” which will resolve the problem.

Avoid using any products like paint thinners, oven cleaners or other such harsh chemicals near your worktop. In case you get a spill/splash, wash it off using warm water & dry the surface; don’t ever leave your Corian worktops wet or damp.

When most Corian worktops Swansea are new, they’ll have a surface-finish that’s similar to satin. In the 1st few months, UK Worktops Direct recommends you use a mild cream-abrasive on once-or-twice a month. This ensures that the worktop surface won’t develop unevenly. Wipe the entire surface using the mild cream with a wet cloth, and then wipe it with a damp-cloth & finally dry it using a soft cloth or/and paper kitchen towels. A Corian worktop Swansea is basically a thing of great beauty which will last for many years if you maintain it with a little care & common sense.

Swansea, officially known-as the City & County of Swansea, is the coastal city & county in Wales. It’s Wales’s 2nd largest city & UK’s 26 largest city. The City & County-of Swansea had population of about 239,000 as of the year 2011, making Swansea the 2nd most populous local-authority area that’s in Wales after-Cardiff.