How Much Will Your Worktops Cost?

Here’s what’s covered in this section of our guide:

How Much Do New Worktops Cost?

As with everything in life, prices can vary. Prices across brands, types and colours of acyrlic worktops, granite and quartz can vary. For example; levels of pattern in the material, rareness of a material and current levels of market supply can all have an impact on cost.

Using a simple kitchen layout as an example, we have created estimated costs based upon 3 ranges of quartz. They range from price Group 1 (least expensive) to price Group 3 (more expensive).

Typical costs for a standard kitchen layout (as per the one below) are as follows:




Group 1


Group 2


Group 3


Which Factors Affect The Cost?

Here are the main components that contribute to the overall cost of having new worktops installed:

  • The Material – all raw materials come with a cost.
  • The type / brand of the material – the higher the price group, the more it will cost.
  • Templating – Taking exact measurements of your worksurface area, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Fabrication – Turning the raw material into the precisely finished worksurface.
  • Installation – Installing your completed worksurface in its final setting. (The “WOW” moment!)
  • Timing – Certain materials cost less as supply and demand within the industry fluctuates.
    • Tip: Cost also comes down if you request your quote within 60 days of your planned installation date – it allows us to allocate resource and using our buying power to pass on savings in the overall price to you.
  • Any extras – Cutouts for things like hobs, taps, waste disposal bins – we actually factor these into the overall cost of your worktop, which makes pricing much simpler to understand.
  • Special requirements – This can include many things – unusual edge details, curves, waterfall edges (where the worksurface curves down to the floor) etc. Complexity usually affects cost.


Timing – When to request a quote (and why?)

We often receive quotation requests from customers who are 6 months + away from wanting their worktops installed, and our best advice in these cases is “Workout your measurements, let us give you a guide price per/m2, and then come back to us nearer the time” – the reason we give this advice is because:

  • Prices change – market conditions, prices of material and many other costs can change a lot in the course of a just a few months – as we grow as a business, we aim to increase our value and lower our prices as much as possible. Requesting a quote nearer the time of an installation is always best advised.
  • Preferences change – a lot can change in terms of your decision making when (for example) planning a new kitchen. Your choice of material, size of worktops and colour can often change during the buying / decision making process.


How to workout a guide price for your worktops

As a rule of thumb, we often advise people that we can install your worktops from £460 per/m2. That cost includes all cutouts (hob, sink, taps etc) and upstands up to 100mm where required. Then add a “Template, Delivery and Installation” fee of £550, which covers a number of the components in buying our worktops as mentioned above. 

Use our online calculator work out your own guide price.