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Corian by Dupont

The American company DuPont was founded in the early 1800’s as a manufacturer of gunpowder, but then developed into all sorts of other areas in the field of chemicals. It has pioneered many developments over the years, not the least of which was the invention of Corian. This is a product made from acrylic powder and aluminium trihydrate which combined together make a solid surface product of amazing strength, durability and cleanliness which can be used in any number of situations.

Read more about the history of Corian here. (wikipedia – opens in new tab)

Who Uses Corian?

Corian is mainly used for worktops and work surfaces in kitchens, laboratories, hospitals, schools, dentist’s and doctor’s surgeries – in fact anywhere that hygiene is of the utmost importance. It is really easy to take care of, basically needing only a wipe with a damp cloth to clean up any spills or splashes.

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Corian Colours

It comes in a wide range of colours to match almost any situation and is often chosen by architects and interior designers because of its beauty. As with most worktop materials there are a few basic rules to follow in order to ensure that your worktop lasts for many years. Possibly the most important thing is to avoid placing hot pans straight off the hob or cooker on to the surface. Although it is resistant to the heat from a hob, placing a hot pan on the surface may cause damage, so always use a trivet or a heat pad.


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Maintaining Corian Worktops

You should also avoid chopping or cutting vegetables and foods directly on the surface. It is possible to cause cuts and scratches, although there is a fairly simple remedy if these should occur. Ideally, always use a chopping board, preferably a wooden one since these will not damage the knife blade.

If the surface does get scratched it can usually be renewed with no problem since the colour of Corian is the same though the whole thickness. Wash the area with clean water but do not dry it. Then take a scourer similar to a Scotch-brite pad and rub lightly back and forwards – not with a circular motion – changing through 90 degrees every so often. Don’t press too hard as this may cause further scratches.

Rinse the scourer frequently in order to remove any build up of material. When the scratch has been removed it is possible that the surface will look slightly different from the surrounding area. If this happens, simply sand very lightly over a larger area in order to blend in the colours.

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Corian Worktops and Alternative Brands – Installed Nationwide



When they are new, most Corian worktops will have a surface finish similar to satin. During the first few months it is best to use a mild cream abrasive on them once or twice a month. This will ensure that the surface does not develop unevenly. Simply wipe the whole surface with the cream using a wet cloth. Then wipe with a damp cloth and finally dry with a soft cloth or paper kitchen towels.

Always try to avoid spills and splashes but if they should occur wipe off as soon as possible. In hard water areas it is even possible for stains to occur from water spillage, so wipe dry as soon as possible.

That aside, a Corian worktop is a thing of beauty that will last you for many years with a little care and common sense.