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What is Corian?

Corian is a solid surface product made from acrylic powder and aluminium trihydrate which combined together make a material of amazing strength, durability and cleanliness which can be used in any number of situations. Corian is well known for its premium qualities and is mainly used for worktops and work surfaces in kitchens, hotels, laboratories, hospitals, schools, dentist’s and doctor’s surgeries.

What are the benefits of Corian solid surface?

Apart from the obvious beauty of a seamless solid surface, Corian is completely non-porous making it resistant to harmful germs and bacteria. Its extremely durable, very easy to clean, easy to repair if damaged and stain resistant. It’s available in a wide range of colours, and has been the premium choice of solid material for many years in both the residential and commercial sectors, due to its properties and proven quality.


Worktops Buying Guide – (Download Here)

The simple version is as follows – Contact us for a quote. We will need (1) Measurements or a plan (2) Your choice of colour and material (3) An idea of when you would like your worktops installed and (4) Your location. With this information we can then provide you with a quotation. Once you’re happy to accept the quote, we visit your address to “Template”. This is where we take exact measurements of the worksurface area. We then return within 7 to 10 working days to install your final worksurfaces – and that’s it!

We often receive questions which relate to the process of buying new worktops. For example, “How do I get a quote?”, “What information do you need from me?” so on and so forth. So we’ve put together a short PDF guide which summarizes the process of buying new worktops – you can download it here.

Can I request free samples?

Absolutely, with every quotation you can request up to 3 colour samples. Simply get in touch or ask when speaking to a member of our team. We also bring full sample sets along when we visit to accurately measure your worksurface area (known as “Templating”) – so you can make a final decision on colour even at that stage.

Do you offer other materials – Quartz & Granite?

Yes we do. We supply and install a whole range of both solid surface and stone materials. Explore colours and read more about our available ranges of both Quartz and Granite here.

What guarantees do you offer?

Complete satisfaction comes as standard, as does our quality of works guarantee. In addition to this, you receive a full 10 or 15 year manufacturers warranty on all of our installed worksurfaces.

Do you cover my part of the country?

Most likely “Yes”. We are a nationwide service company, we supply and install all over the UK and our prices are consistent and competitive no matter where in the country you might be.

Do you supply & install worksurfaces?

Yes we do. We offer the complete service from start to finish. If you have a trade enquiry and are sufficiently qualified to do the fitting yourself we can also offer a “Supply Only” service. Get in touch for more information.

Choosing the right company (and avoiding the bad ones!)

Naturally we’d love to be the ones to supply and install your new worksurfaces, but if for some unknown reason you’re considering using somebody else (but why would you?), here are a few of the things to look out for.

Experts = Quality

Supplying and fitting solid surface worktops is a skilled process. From choosing the right cut of material, to arranging smooth and swift installation to fit perfectly into the final setting for the tops. Choosing the wrong supplier can be very costly, resulting in damaged or marked worktops. Unfortunately over the last 5 years the worktops market has become saturated with less experienced suppliers and fitters, and less quality materials – we have heard many horror stories of jobs going wrong.

With us you benefit from over 30 years experience in the trade, during which time we have completed jobs for national and multi-national commercial clients as well as celebrity clients. People choose us because we offer the best service, and the best prices – so whether your just looking for new kitchen worktops, or worktops for a commercial application, we can supply and fit worktops at a price to suit you ALONG WITH peace of mind guarantees.


Avoid Miracle “1 Day Installation” Service Providers

Some companies promise what they call a “1 Day Service” – which means they bring a slab of material in a van, measure your kitchen and then fabricate your worksurface on site (either in their rusty van or in your front garden). This is as dangerous and unpredictable as it sounds, and can ruin your worksurfaces and your front garden due to dust and mess! Proper companies have proper facilities to fabricate and prepare your worksurfaces. For example, once we complete your “Template”, we return to fit your new worksurfaces within 7 to 10 working days. 


Glossary – Common Terms Explained


Template – A process in which we visit your installation address and take exact measurements of the final setting for your new worksurfaces. Ensuring a perfect fit. 

Installation – The”Wow” moment, where we return with your completed worksurfaces and install them in their final setting.

Edge Profile – The name for the various “Finishes” or designs you can have for the edges of your worksurfaces. View the options here.

Non-porous – Not allowing liquid or air to pass through it. Corian is non-porous, meaning germs and harmful bacteria are unable to thrive and multiply during contact.

UK Worktops Direct – Quality, Value, Trust and beautiful new worksurfaces. 🙂


I have another question – can you help?

Please call us on 0113 365 0084 and a member of the team will take the time to answer any questions you have.