Corian Worktops Belfast – Supply & Fit

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Corian work surfaces with showrooms and fitting teams based all over the country.

Please note – due to logistics we are currently unable to supply to Belfast or the rest of Ireland.



Corian Worktops Provide a Stunning Finish

Every home renovation begins with kitchens, and worktops are the primary spots to begin with. If you are living in Belfast or nearby cities and want your kitchen countertop to match the interior of your home, then Corian can be your perfect choice. 

Corian is a solid-surface plastic that can be given a marble or granite type finish. Since it’s not a natural material, it is produced in very large sheets to offer a completely solid and one-sheet countertop without any joints and seams. At UK Worktops Direct, we offer best quality worktops made with Corian, so you get the best look for your kitchen. 



Our company offers a wide range of colours finishes and designs for high quality Corian worktops. Our products make sure you can find something suitable for your kitchen. Our kitchen worktops not only look good, but also offer more functionality to your kitchen. The best part is that our worktops are affordable. Here are some benefits of our Corian worktops Belfast

Easy To Clean – Corian worktops are very easy to clean and to maintain. They can be cleaned with any mild regular detergent, without leaving any stains behind. Basically, you need not spend a lot of money on its upkeep and maintenance. 

Durable Material – Even though Corian worktops are less durable than natural stones such as marble and granite, it is yet highly preferred due to the low-cost of maintenance. It is also decently durable and with regular cleaning can last a decade without showing any signs of staining or cracks. In short, it offers great value for money. 

Sheets without Joints or Seams – Corian worktops are made with the latest techniques. We do not use the cutting surface approach. At our manufacturing unit, we focus on implementing state of art technology to ensure best possible outcomes. 

Uninterrupted Design and Colour Pattern – It’s important to understand that the design and colour pattern of our worktops runs throughout the Corian sheet, Therefore, even when you sand the plastic down, it does not disappear. Our Corian worktops can be easily cut into different sizes and shapes without losing the design or colour pattern. This is useful when you need to cut the sheet around your kitchen sink. 

Outdoor Usage – Another major benefit of our worktops is that they can be used outdoors. It’s worth mentioning that other materials, such as granite and marble can also be used outdoors. However, they get damaged in extreme weather conditions. On the other hand, Corian lasts for many years, and stands the test of time. 

More Hygienic – Since Corian does not have any joints or seams, it’s also more hygienic than many other materials. You won’t have to worry about any water leaks in your kitchen. You will enjoy your very clean and hygienic worktop. 

For many years, UK Worktops Direct has been offering high quality Corian worktops Belfast to customers at affordable prices. We always work hard to provide the best services. We make sure that you will always receive best value for your money. 

Choose us for Corian Worktops in Belfast

Belfast is the largest city in Northern Ireland. By population, it is the largest of all in the United Kingdom and if you are a part of this city, then you surely know how well formed people are in this city. Being the industrial hub of the country, this place offers a lot of advantages over other cities. Are you looking for Corian worktop in Belfast? We will be your best choice.