Corian Worktops Bradford – Supply & Fit

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Corian work surfaces with showrooms and fitting teams based all over the country. We supply and install Corian to all areas of Bradford, and throughout the UK.



Corian by Dupont – An Introduction

UK Worktops Direct has serviced thousands of properties with their critically-acclaimed modern and artistic designs. DuPont collaborates with the best creative and talented architects, artists, designers, fabricators, and specifiers to bring you elite and world-class architecture for your property. Corian worktops by Dupont feature high quality solid surfaces that are versatile and can make your designs come to life. You can customize their solid surfaces to feature any colour, shape, size, and even translucency for your own personalization.



DuPont’s Corian solid surfaces can even be used to design art within your home. DuPont’s services have attracted many of the UK’s finest artists to design and construct their artistic concepts. Many of their art concepts have received global attention for creativity and innovation. You can create personalized and one-of-a-kind art that everyone will marvel.

However, you don’t have to be a world-class artist to enjoy the high-quality creativity and modern beauty of DuPont’s Corian Worktops. The DuPont company also designs bathroom basins and bathroom counter-tops. You can choose from prefabricated counter-tops and basins or the DuPont Company will create your designs and bring them to life. Dupont’s Corian Worktops have also been featured in educational facilities. Their designs and solid surfaces have modernized many of Bradford’s top educational facilities and have attracted many parents to send their children to their schools. With DuPont’s services, your school can stand out from the rest and attract the best. Building’s that are designed with DuPont’s Corian solid surfaces create a sensation within their vicinity. Employees and pedestrians will see your property and the wealth that it represents with DuPont’s Corian solid surface designs.

Restaurants that feature DuPont’s Corian solid surfaces elevate the status and prestige of any restaurant. Restaurant promoters from around the world frequently mention and compliment about restaurants that have been designed by DuPont. Our surfaces are nonporous and certified hygienic. Health facilities with DuPont’s solid surfaces have a reduced amount of infections and are more hygienic than other health facilities. If your priority is to prevent infections and heal more clients, then you need DuPont’s Corian solid surfaces. A modern home can’t have antique furniture in it. With DuPont’s solid surfaces, our artists can design you world-class furniture that is not only practical and comfortable, but stylish and an artistic expression of who you are. Consult with DuPont’s representatives and start having the highest quality of art and design in and on your property today.


Corian Installations In Bradford

In the beautiful city of Bradford of Northern England, there is a lively and metropolitan population that enjoys the architecture of the city. Millions of tourists travel to see the City Hall of Bradford and the Bradford Cathedral. With such lush and ornate designs there is no wonder that the city of Bradford is one of the UK’s most photographed cities. The city also features properties of modern design. Many of the building’s features are modern and stylistic on the exterior and within the interior of the buildings. Many people wonder how they can turn their homes into such works of art. The top interior and exterior design experts recommend DuPont’s Corian Worktops for their architectural wonders.