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We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Corian work surfaces with showrooms and fitting teams based all over the country. We supply and install Corian to all areas of Brighton, and throughout the UK.



Corian by Dupont

Back in the rock and roll days of 1967, a company named DuPont came up with a revolutionary product line called as Corian Surfaces. The Corian Surfaces is a brand of solid surface materials with applications in different fields and uses as well. Since almost all building architects and engineers work constantly with hard and durable solid surfaces, the variety of designs offered by DuPont did suit various needs and requirements. This is one of the reasons why this brand has further lasted and it will continue to be of great value. Here is a look at the salient features of Corian Worktops Brighton.



The Features of Corian Worktops

The Corian hard solid surfaces are sheets and veneers made of a combination of acrylic powder and aluminium trihydrate. The combination of these components helps to form surfaces that are exceptionally strong, durable and hard as well. The application of the surfaces on worktops and tables is quite practical. Over the years, the Corian surfaces have been used to make table tops and work desks in hospitals, kitchens, laboratories, schools, surgical and dental clinics and so on. This means that the worktops made of such surfaces will be highly versatile and useful in varying applications.


Major Properties and Benefits

One of the best things about using the Corian worktops Brighton in different areas of industry and research is that it is quite easy to maintain them and make them last really long. When it comes to mild stains, it is quite easy to remove them with a simple dab of wet cloth. For harder stains, a few concentrated cleaners will suffice. Even in mundane kitchen situations, the table tops and patios made of Corian surfaces will last extremely long. And in case of the designs for houses, they can come in trendy colours and can be customized as well.


About UK Worktops Direct

UK Worktops Direct has been one of the leading makers, suppliers and distributors of worktops and desks for varied applications in different fields. UK Worktops is a company that has also been involved in making desks and worktops using the rare and special Corian surfaces from DuPont. These table tops will be just ideal for your special cabinet kitchens and for your specialized hi-tech laboratories and more. All it needs is some special kind of maintenance which would be easy enough to do. These are some features of UK Worktops Direct models.


Brighton – A Sneak Peek

The idyllic town of Brighton is a town that boasts of some stellar attractions and virtues that make it quite attractive living for people. Located in the South Coast of Britain, it is a wonderful city by the sea that will please both casual people as well as connoisseurs. Placed between the South Downs and the swirling English Channel, this pleasant town has some major residential areas which offer stellar sights to the residents as well. Areas like Carlton Hill with its commercial offices and The Lanes, which is an ensemble of retail outlets and stores, are some of the major places where new homes and offices could be set up.