Corian Worktops Bristol – Supply & Fit

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Corian work surfaces with showrooms and fitting teams based all over the country. We supply and install Corian to all areas of Bristol, and throughout the UK.



Why Choose Corian?

The people of Bristol are also well known for their love for quality items and stellar service provision. Their liking for Corian worktops therefore does not come as a surprise. This is a worktop that’s made from aluminium trihydrate and acrylic powder; which when combined, makes a surface product that’s strong, durable, very versatile in its use and easy to maintain. A signature DuPont innovation, Corian solid surfaces is the material of choice for designers and architects who specialise in the food service industry, healthcare, office buildings, homes and schools. The main reason why Corian is popular in all the above mentioned work surfaces is because it is easy to take care of, all you need to do in case of a splash or spill is wipe using a damp cloth. A Corian worktop therefore makes it relatively easy to maintain high hygiene standards; something many users tend to appreciate.



Even though a Corian worktop is tough and easy to maintain, it is important to properly take care of the work surface. It is not advisable to place a hot pan on any Corian surface as it may damage the surface; always use a heat pad or trivet instead. UK worktops direct, a leading distributor of Corian Worktops Bristol does advise users against cutting or chopping foodstuffs directly on the surface as this is bound to cause scratches and cuts. They recommend the use of a wooden chopping board for this purpose. When new, Corian worktops usually resemble satin, to maintain this look; it is advisable to use mild cream abrasive on the surfaces at least once or twice monthly.

Further to all the above, many users prefer Corian since it comes in a wide range of colours suitable for matching any situation that a designer or architect may think of or choose for their clients. It is also strikingly beautiful and easy on the eye. It should also be noted that Corian is also relatively easy to find in the market, with companies such as UK Worktops Direct, a leading distributor of Corian Worktops Bristol having virtually any type of Corian a client can think of readily available. Their prices are fair, their customer service is superb and they are bound to leave you spoilt for choice.


Corian Installations In Bristol

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