Corian for Reception Desks and Counters

Du Pont Corian is among the advanced mix of pure acrylic polymer material and natural minerals. It is perfectly constructed for the suitability of every environment, both indoors and outdoors, for it is made by man for man of all kinds in every industry. Corian architects and designers possess all the materials it takes to transform every type of environment into something beyond the standards when it comes to reception desks and counters.


Contextual Applications of Corian


With it being so easy to handle paired with the ability to become something of virtually limitless designs and shapes, Corian continues to be the major choice of many designers. Because of its durable qualities and solid nature, Corian has the faculty not only to make shelvings, store fronts, checkouts and receiving counters functional, but also embellished. It makes the retail environment a rather translucent one, enough to draw tones and moods that every shop owner could ever want.



Food, everybody loves food. But top it all off with a hygienic atmosphere, one can go different places and people from different places will come storming into the main resto. Corian is popular for its materials in crafting the neatest and easy-to-clean worksurfaces and worktops. Not only that it is non-porous, but also the fact that it leaves no room for crevices and bacterial development that make up the reason why Corian is highly recommended. Since restaurants can be a fairly fast-moving environment, damages are always inevitable. The good thing about Corian is that it can be easily returned to its former glory with the simple fix it requires for any possible damage.



Traveling the world has always been a norm for plenty of people. Travelers expect to get the best out of their every hotel stay by getting a reminiscent feel that of home’s. The use of Corian reception desks and counters have always been the choice a big chunk of the hotel industry because of the luxurious glow it draws. May it be for the main check-in counter or within the kitchen and dining areas of the hotel, Corian works just right.


Office and Business

The one thing that people usually get wrong is taking worksurfaces for granted. Corian, with its ability to create a friendly feel in the surroundings with authenticity in aesthetics and quality always works in lighting up the awareness of how important worksurfaces and counters are. Every piece of it is elegant, functional, and easy to handle and clean, which all make the ideal choice for the corporate world.



The healthcare industry is redoubtably a crucial element in every society. It is perhaps the most vital asset, which is enough reason why it deserves only the best materials. Corian has always been seen as a greatest companion of the healthcare environment. First of all, it is built for hygienic purposes. Another thing is that is comes in almost any colour, making it capable of giving the kind of warm atmosphere the clinical setting needs for the the staff and its patients.


Extra Advantages of Corian

Du Pont Corian wants nothing but the best for its clientele. That does not only go for the kind of items they get, but also the whole experience. With their fervent desire to make life easier for its consumers, every order comes with an expert installation. All it takes is a word on where the worktops, counters and such needs to be placed. And with that, the work is considered done! Another wonderful thing about Corian it is fairly easy to maintain. All it takes is clean water, some cleaning cream and a good soft wiper. With these, in action, every piece of worktop and counter should be good as new, all the time. Most importantly, all Corian products are attached with 10 years worth of warranty coverage. Should one experience any problems with their item due to misuse and other reasons, it’s only a call away for the expert maintenance group to come visiting the job site to fulfill the mission to repair. That goes for the next 10 years!

What everybody needs is an ever-trusted choice to not fail in the aim of inducing an effective environment. With Corian going by high quality, durability, functionality and aesthetic value, it surely hits the bar.