Other Applications of Corian Work Surfaces

Corian is one of the greatest inventions by Du Pont that totally changed the countertops and finishing tops designs. This product is made by combining acrylic powder with aluminum trihydrate to produce a strong durable solid surface. Although commonly used for countertop finishing, there are many other applications for Corian surfaces including exterior walls, retail designs, sinks, cladding, lighting, nautical use among others. The main benefits enjoyed with Du Pont Corian surfaces are longevity, ease of cleaning, multiple styling, numerous color ranges and ease of maintenance.


Uses of Corian surfaces

The Du Pont Corian worktops are perfect for any application that has hygiene as the main focus including kitchens, bathrooms, dentist areas, schools, hospitals among others. They are resistant to staining and require simple cleaning procedures that may include damp clothing and conventional cleaning agents. The color also runs through the entire thickness of the surface which means scratches are easy to renew and remove. Here are a few areas where the Corian application has exhibited significant improvement and excellence.


Corian Cladding

There are many Corian options for exterior cladding that come in several aesthetic colors to choose from. The wide range of colors shapes and styles presents users freedom to characterize their surfaces as preferred. They are durable, come in different textures and illumination options featuring translucent colors. These surfaces are also easy to clean with low moisture absorption, inconspicuous joints and resistance to humidity, stains, detergents, pollutants, free-thaw alterations among others. Graffiti are removable using standard cleaning methods with soda-based agents. Fabric covering are limitless with the option luxurious architectural applications like fascia and soffits as well as options for corner returns, coping and cap pieces. This makes it easy to protect areas exposed to water attacks. The Corian cladding options enable users to create their own design shapes, patterns and color blends for a customized style.


Corian sinks

Corian exhibits outstanding versatility in providing the best options for kitchen sinks and bathroom vanities. The kitchen sinks include small, large, single, doubles, rustic, urban among many other formations that come in various color options. The sinks are suitable for many applications including bathroom, laundry section and office areas exhibiting ease of cleaning, durability, beauty, functionality and stain resistance. The color ranges comprise cameo white, glacier white, bone, vanilla and bisque with measurements of inside bowl length, width and height dimensions.


Nautical design

Corian tops for nautical application are designed to endure on board conditions including water, salt, wind, sun and interactions between the same. They are thermo-formable and non-porous coming in various color ranges that include warm displays and luxurious designs. These surfaces are suitable for various watercrafts including cruise ships, research ships and yachts. They depict incredible versatility both above and below the deck with applications for wall cladding, roulette tables, shower surrounds, restaurants and gyms. The designs present deep aesthetic value and are easy to clean. They are also easy to maintain and will not allow the growth of any mould or mildew.


Retail design

The Corian retail design options are of varied colors that any business can choose for the purposes of brand identification. The durability and ease of cleaning exhibited ensure the surfaces can stand the busy traffic involved in retail activities. These tops are stain resistant and seamless to prevent accumulation of dirt. The textures are also different to accommodate any retail activity, including surfaces needed for increased grip and smooth sliding surfaces. The retail designs include serving counter and shelf displays with different color blends. The retail interior surfaces are also accommodated with options of strong walls that are easy to clean and luminous colors for enhanced brightness and displays.



Corian surfaces come in various color ranges and blends which provide effective illumination as preferred. They are easy to clean and only require minimal maintenance since durability is guaranteed. The worktops are seamless for strict hygiene requirement applications like in kitchens, bathrooms and hospitals. Exterior surfaces on the other hand have concealed joints and quality textures that reduce excessive moisture absorption which may weaken the walls. Although Corian worktops are undoubtedly strong and durable, certain maintenance procedures should be practiced. Use chopping boards when cutting vegetables and avoid placing hot objects on the naked tops. Also ensure the type of cleaning agent used is not abrasive and does not corrode the surface (avoid highly acidic detergents).