Quartz & Granite Worktops

In addition to the Corian brand of worktops, we also supply and fit Quartz and Granite Worktops too. Read more about these other materials options below, and contact us or use our online quotation form to get a quote.


Quartz Worktops

We deal with all of the major brands of quartz including Cimstone, Compac, Lunastone, Silestone and can source any other lesser know brand should you prefer a more cost effective option, over an established brand name supplier. Whatever your budget and tastes we can provide a worktops solution to fit your requirement. Simply call us to discuss the style and price options available to you.


quartz worktops


Quartz is a man made material which is then bonded together using forms of resin to create a solid, non-porous material, perfect for the hygiene conscious homeowner. Being man made, quartz is also available in an almost endless range of colours which again helps in matching a worktop to its surrounding decor.


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Granite Worktops

We also supply and fit the traditional option, Granite Worktops. Granite is a natural stone, carved from mountain ranges across the globe. Because granite is taken from the earth, there are no 2 pieces the same – making this a completely unique solution.




There are standard granites and there are more exotic granites, containing exquisite markings and patterns. The cost of the granite material you choose will vary based upon its pattern, availability, and country of origin. However, one of the advantages of using a well experienced supplier such as ourselves is that you gain access to a huge library of granite options at affordable prices. If granite is a material you are considering, contact us to discuss a solution. We have budget options available, as well as the more exotic selections and can tailor the right material, at the right price for you.


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